Whether Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) myths are perpetuated through misunderstanding, misinformation or ignorance, they can result in long-lasting harm when they form the basis for technology investment decisions. The problem with myths is that they are often based on plausible half-truths, and it is only with the passage of time that doubts are raised and mistakes realised. By then it is too late.

The phrase “act in haste, repent at leisure” has never been so apt. Technology investments are set to rise and when mistakes are made there is plenty of time to dwell on them post-implementation.

According to a WealthBriefing survey, 75% of wealth managers will increase technology budgets by 2022, from already high levels, in an effort to close the digitalisation gap. 85% of firms are looking to boost advisor productivity and 70% are seeking reductions in their operational costs by 2022 as key moves to boost profit.

So, the stakes have never been higher. Wealth managers who can avoid being fooled by the CLM myths in the first place will go on to make the right technology investment decisions for the business.

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