IA Fintech Member Insights: FREĠNAN


The way companies communicate with investors has changed significantly over recent years. Annual Reports have become longer and more complex, the key financial statements are increasingly subject to estimates and judgements, while critically important information which is vital to investors, is ‘buried’ in the footnotes to the accounts.


FREĠNAN’s game changing, AI powered research product offers valuable insights into a company’s reported accounts via its unique ‘Accounts Complexity Score’. FREĠNAN’s engine can ascribe to any company an Accounts Complexity Score as defined by the number and strength of relationships that have been learnt by AI driven engine for a given company’s data and financial history.


There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that a company with a high Accounts Complexity Score may be less likely to suffer with sudden changes or surprises to accounting results. A low score can highlight a need to investigate further.


Further information about FREĠNAN can be found HERE

Vince Julier Director at Freġnan