Waymark Tech

Making sure firms never miss important regulatory decisions, or waste time and money on compliance, thanks to intelligent automation.


Regulatory intelligence & change management continues to pose a significant challenge to financial services firms worldwide. The volume and rate of regulatory change is unrelenting (recent survey by Thomson Reuters showed there were, on average, 216 regulatory alerts per day last year) and compliance teams need to keep pace. Trying to monitor these manually, increases the chances of something being missed. In addition, with budgets staying the same or reducing, compliance and regulatory affairs teams need technology to enable them to work faster and more efficiently.


We connect to the various global regulators and, by using natural language processing, we parse the millions of pages of regulation and associated guidance to provide compliance/regulatory affairs teams with the answers to their questions when they need the information the most.



Technology such as natural language processing enables compliance and regulatory affairs teams to shift their focus onto more value adding tasks rather than spending a vast amount of time gathering the information they need to make a decision. This allows senior management to take decisive action while also paying close attention to emerging regulatory developments and staying as flexible as possible.


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