VTFinTech’s Parity One is a game changer in the post-MiFID II investment research.


The MiFID II has shaken up the investment research! for better or worse? Providers of research are now faced with questions like how to price the research? how to evaluate the research? how to differentiate? Consumers of research who are compliant with MiFID II but are still perplexed regarding how to evaluate research beyond rating & voting? how to justify the cost paid for research whether paid by the asset manager or passed on to the investor?


Parity One’s proprietary research evaluation methodologies, which combine quantitative and qualitative measures, create a house view for each research provider in the form of research benchmarks. Investment research can be fundamental as well as quantitative. Underlying analysis is as important as the stock recommendation itself in case of fundamental research. Parity One understands this and considers the quality of fundamental analysis as part of its evaluation. Hence, this solution provides a great opportunity for research providers to understand the strengths and weaknesses in the research process almost in real time while helping the buy side justify the research costs in a robust and consistent fashion



Our solution Parity One evaluates the research in the form of research benchmarks which track the recommendations and act as a ready objective measure to compare research amongst providers. Research providers, on the other hand, can benefit from extensive insights that Parity One offers into their research analysis. In addition, it provides extensive tools to simulate investment ideas based on research and exchange seamlessly between sell side and buy side. It fosters a collaborative culture across the entire research value chain.


We provide our research evaluation services to buy side and sell side directly and through our partner research portals. Hence, firms can also engage with us directly or through the research platforms where they distribute or buy research. Our contact: info@vtfintech.com, https://vtfintech.com