TransFICC Limited

One API for eTrading in Fixed Income markets.


Asset Managers trading in Fixed Income markets have to contend with 3 issues:

  1. Fragmentation – Bonds, Futures, Swaps, Repos trade on more than 250 different Execution venues globally and each has its own API (Application Programming Interface) for electronic trading.
  2. Speed of Technology – many of the individual Execution venues update their prices more than 5000 times/second when the markets are volatile.
  3. Regulation including MiFID II, Law in Europe from January 2018, requires banks/asset managers to audit incoming customer Orders and prove Best Execution when trading on their behalf.


TransFICC helps address this challenge by:

  1. One API. TransFICC will translate all the 200 Execution Venue API’s to a single API saving 1000’s hours of coding, testing time.
  2. Fast, Scalable technology built in the cloud enabling Asset Managers to consume huge amounts of data from fragmented venues.
  3. Normalising price/order timestamps to the milli Second level according to when they arrive at Asset Manager. This provides an audit trail for regulatory needs.



Fixed Income markets are changing and Fixed income Asset Managers need to invest in technology to compete.


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