TradingHub uses statistical and behavioural analysis to identify market abuse with a small number of false positives. TradingHub also provides best execution services to enable buyside firms to select counterparties without resorting to RFQs. TradingHub’s products work across all asset classes (equities, credit, rates, FX and commodities) and all products (exchange traded, OTC, cash, forwards, futures, options etc.).


The buyside needs market abuse and best execution monitoring that is effective and minimises the number of false positives.


TradingHub provides a number of tools including: (a) the Market Abuse Surveillance Tool (MAST) which enables the buyside to meet their market abuse monitoring requirements under the European Market Abuse Regulation; and (b) the Transaction Efficiency and Accuracy Monitor (TEAM) which enables the buyside and sellside to meet their best execution requirements under MiFID II to choose the most cost-effective sellside counterparty without having to submit RFQs.



TradingHub’s products are used by leading asset managers, hedge funds, investement banks and regulators. Every day, TradingHub analyses firms with an aggregate AUM in excess of USD 8 trillion. TradingHub’s solutions are able to reduce the number of false positives to manageable levels.



Interested firms should contact David Hesketh ( for more information.