We bring fund management into the 21st century with its own transfer agency network, reducing operational costs by up to 30% and managing all fund data across all service providers on a single enterprise-friendly distributed ledger.


Every day millions of transactions are manually reconciled by transfer agents between banks, custodians and distributors. The high value and volume of transactions merits a large operational work force purely to reconcile data every day. This provides a large overhead which the fund, and ultimately the end investor, has to bare.


With a distributed ledger an asset manager can connect directly to their end investors. The nature of blockchain guarantees data accuracy meaning there is no longer a need for reconciliations. We then automate the whole end to end workflow including regulatory and operational checks using smart contracts. This provides a simple one stop tool for an asset manager to take control of their distribution and significantly reduce their operational costs whilst better servicing their investors.



As an asset manager, you need to take control of your own distribution. You need to understand who your end investors are and avoid dormant accounts. You need to understand which of your distributors are performing well whilst providing the cost transparency that regulators are demanding. Moving to distributed technology provides the bedrock you need to meet all of these problems and future proofs your business.


We are running a series of webinars and workshops on practical applications of blockchain in asset management in conjunction with our partners. Any manager looking to learn more about blockchain or see a demo of our product can contact us at