Toggle is an AI portfolio analyst, producing a real-time feed of portfolio insights. We help investment and wealth managers deal with topics that range from finding the cheapest protection for an economic slowdown, to discovering hidden tail risks. Insights are presented in a “menu of remedies” format, making sure managers are aware of all options at their disposal. Our goal is to democratize AI insights, bridging the gap between availability and usability of the best investing tools to the benefit of wealth and investment managers.


Faced with fee compression and lackluster performance of active strategies, asset and wealth managers seek to improve their AI capabilities, and face two friction points: – AI requires significant investments even as fee pressures pile up – integrating AI into established discretionary investment cultures is hard. Black box solutions encounter resistance, and top talent hired from the tech industry often fails to leave a mark (and is very expensive)


We make world-class investment tools intuitive and ‘human-friendly’, using the design and UI principles of the best consumer apps to make interaction seamless. We focus is on portfolio analysis, where A.I. can provide the greatest value added at scale.



Integrating machines into human decision processes is a key challenge for investment management in the next five years. We tackle this where it matters the most (the portfolio) and we bring the right experience into play (our app was developed internally for managing our own funds).



We would love for you to experience Toggle firsthand, so please reach out to us for a demo! Please reach out to us! In London you can contact and in NY & Individual professionals who desire immediate access can easily sign-up at – just make sure to use your corporate email address as we are only open to professional investors at this point.