Theta is leading the revolution to redefine buy-side trading.


3 issues IMs are facing: 1. Regulatory and market structure will continue to have far reaching ramifications around conduct, consumer protection and market structures. Brexit only adds to this. 2. A limited technology response and lack of end-to-end STP, enlightened IM’s understand that the current models, and means to address them, are sub-optimal. Solutions available largely siloed and narrow in their focus. Despite buy-side trading desk appetite for seamless, interconnected functionality. 3. Margin pressures – Everything is becoming more expensive to service. Whether it is the cost of trading or research, margins and P&L are under pressure as never before.


Theta is building a multi-asset digital trading platform as a service. It is open architecture, broker and venue neutral allowing clients the maximum flexibility to trade while also benefiting from better pricing. Our trading and algo strategies, voice and electronic flows improve STP and reduce operational risks. Our pre/post-trade analytics and pricing improve investment decision making. It is also fully MiFID II covering eligibility checks, costs & charges, best execution, trade & transaction reporting. We deploy as self-service technology in the cloud. It is a SaaS-based model. Available via white-labelled digital front-end, tablet, smartphone and an extendable API.



Theta is positioned in the vanguard of a third wave of electronic trading that sees the advent of integrated, multi‑asset solutions. It is designed and built from the ground up to address the challenges facing buy‑side firms as market structures and the trading landscape evolve.


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We are based at Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, Moorgate, London EC2Y 9HT.