ResonanceX digital platform uses the benefits of automation and blockchain technology and provides retail and professional investors with secure, smart and cheap access to investment solutions that were until now reserved for the ultra-rich.


ResonanceX solves inefficiencies around Structured Investments that are underutilized in spite of offering attractive characteristics for inclusion in any portfolios. This is because of a lack of automation, high-cost intermediaries, and institutions extracting more value than they should.

ResonanceX objective is to benefit from the convergence of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, automation, artificial intelligence and combine with market expertise to disrupt and democratise investment solutions until now reserved to the ultra-rich.  Ultimately, the technology will be deployed on other investment vehicles (ETFs, mutual funds and alternatives) to strip-out unnecessary costs and improve the efficient frontier of any portfolio.


ResonanceX goal is to become the first online savings management company enabling educated mass-affluent investors to build and administrate bespoke portfolios consisting not only of mainstream assets (e.g. ETFs, Index and Mutual funds), but also of more complex investment vehicles such as Structured Products and Alternative Investments. The technology consists of tokenization (process of clearing, settlement and custody of assets using DLT) and automation, which has been demonstrated for custody and administration of structured investments within the 3rd cohort of FCA Regulatory Sandbox. Applying this to other investment vehicles would enable us to provide efficient solutions for the cheaper distribution of managed solutions such as mutual funds and alternative investments.



The last decade has been characterized by a major shift towards passive investing in what can be seen as a seismic move for the asset management industry.  We however believe an efficient portfolio should include other investment solutions that cannot be easily managed passively because of a lack of infrastructure or liquidity.  This is the gap ResonanceX intends to fill, by providing safe, smart and cheap access for educated investors to build and administrate core portfolios using not only ETFs and index finds but also managed (mutual funds and alternatives) and more complex (structured investments) solutions.