Quintain Analytics

Quintain Analytics is an attribution and cost management solution provider for the investment management community focussing on helping buy-side firms find the true value of research services factoring in the complexity around different sell-side pricing models.


Post the introduction of MiFID 2, the challenges buy-side firms now face include; (1) understanding how to properly value research interactions with sell-side providers (2) how this value correlates with research agreements set up with sell-side providers (3) what technology is in place to balance what the sell-side supply in terms of consumption vs. what a buy-side professional actually values in real time – at point of interaction (4) How does a buy-side firm change the behaviours of its investment professionals to become more responsible for the cost of research services and the overall budget.


Quintain Analytics provides attribution and cost management solutions to the buy-side investment community, addressing the issue around the true value of research interactions with sell-side providers whilst harnessing the power of a database which can accurately identify where this value is and the extent to which it can impact existing research agreements.  Our firm also accounts for the need of investment professionals, CIOs, COOs, Head of Compliance and Legal to have accurate data outputs that are easily visualised to facilitate their reporting needs (research spend vs budgets etc).  All of which are fully customisable and launched in your workflow (not a separate web-based system).



Buy-side firms have similar traits including; (1) investment professionals are usually time constrained and impatient with new technology (2) the industry has spent very little in technology to develop their own datasets around value of research services. The challenge to both is that investment professionals do not need another ‘system’ with an onerous login procedure launched via a web-based environment and a buy-side firm does not want to spend a significant % of their research budget on a system to manage the overall spend. We tackle both those challenges by creating a fully customisable, in the workflow system enabling ease and speed of use at a fraction of a firms overall research cost.


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