ORBIT Financial Technology

Orbit is an innovator in text analytics and artificial intelligence computing, specialized in providing actionable data insights for asset management and capital market institutions.


Unstructured data (e.g. text and audio) contains business critical and predictive information. Both asset management and capital market institutions are looking for solutions to either improve profit or lower operation cost, or both.

Barrier of consuming unstructured data is high, in terms of both technical difficulties and lack of business sponsor. Processing unstructured data requires technical stack on big data, natural language processing and machine learning, which is traditionally not common in institutions or vendors. More importantly, decision makers are hesitated due to lack of successful use cases and heavy up-front investment.


Orbit product suite can consume and analyze all kinds of unstructured data and is specifically designed for asset management and capital market clients.

Orbit-Vision is a UI-based financial analysis platform that can convert unstructured data into actionable signals for stock selection, investment research and better trading timings.

Orbit-QuantLab is a machine learning driven quant solution that generate trading signals from real-time market moving news, which is a new and uncorrelated source of alpha.

Orbit IT consulting service provides bespoke solutions by leveraging technical components that Orbit developed fully in-house and a talent pool of artificial intelligence technologies.



Clients should choose ORBIT for:

Operating efficiency: Improve operating efficiency by better managing unstructured data in real-time.

Revenue generating: Be able to generate alpha, select out-perform stocks before others and find better timing on execution

Budget control: Cloud based and subscription based product plus new technology adaptation to save cost

Intelligent decision: Introducing AI into decision making process leveraging actionable sentiment analytics

Technology excellence: Effectively help client to adopt AI and big data technologies with data-driven business support


If companies would like to engage with Orbit, please contact directly to:

Da Wei, Director – da.wei@orbitfin.ai

Maggie Rong, Marketing Director – maggie.rong@orbitfin.ai