Opus Nebula

Our client reporting vision is to significantly transform the customer experience by providing investment firms with the most complete, resilient and scalable solution tailored to meet individual needs.


The key market challenge is how to achieve more with less. Clients choose us because we revolutionise and simplify their client reporting and servicing, by providing a world-class reporting solution in the shortest timescales available, with fixed set-up fees and pay-per-use pricing for ongoing production. Reporting as a Service fully automates the entire end-to-end reporting process, from data collection and data validation, through report rendering and production to review and sign off. Signed off reports can be automatically distributed and are stored with their individual audit trail. Reporting as a Service delivers the highest levels of reporting flexibility, consistency and quality.


Opus Nebula delivers on demand, best practice workflows and end-to-end automation. This approach is proven to slash operating costs, enhance productivity and reduce overall risk exposure.



Securely hosted in the cloud Reporting as a Service (RaaS) delivers a fully-automated end-to-end reporting system that brings efficiency, flexibility and scale to a reporting team, and as one of our clients calculated, with an 80% cost saving.


Please visit our website at www.opus-nebula.com or request a demo by emailing us at demo@opus.nebula.com.