Limeglass solves the problem of information overload by identifying relevant paragraphs buried deep within multiple financial research publications.


Every day, thousands of financial research documents are published within the financial markets and market participants struggle with information overload, often resulting in underutilisation of valuable financial market research.


Limeglass has developed its proprietary semantic and natural language processing platform that consumes and interprets documents in real-time. The Limeglass Research Atomisation Platform unlocks the latent value deep within vast quantities of financial research and surfaces relevant paragraphs from within a multitude of documents for macro topics and all asset classes.



By atomising financial market research, Limeglass offers the ability for fund managers, portfolio managers, treasurers and the investment community as a whole to:

  • instantly cross-search multiple research providers for specific granular topics
  • see concise targeted results by surfacing only the relevant paragraphs
  • make better informed investment decisions
  • maximise the research budget
  • track research utilisation
  • save time and costs of curating analysis
  • open up new opportunities to utilise research

Imagine being able to instantaneously find key paragraphs within a multitude of research documents.

Investment managers have always struggled to capitalise on the research they receive. It is an area that has traditionally lacked innovation and investment. Limeglass cuts through the huge volumes of financial research to enable investment managers to quickly surface key paragraphs on granular macro or cross-asset topics. This enhances research consumption and discovery; enhancing the decision making process.


Discover the Power of Atomisation

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