KiteEdge Apex is a knowledge management platform that uses cognitive ontology to help Asset Managers better leverage IP across the enterprise.


Information Overload: Asset Managers (AM’s) spend billions on research annually. In return, they receive many emails or are required to access portals with poor search/alerting. Combined with 24hr-news, company filings and internal documents, information overload (and neglect) is common. Challenges: how to improve research/information ROI and compete internationally in a post MiFID II environment, at a time when the UK’s £7tn+ industry is under threat (Brexit, Passive). Exec-Needs: free up time, improve decision making/investor returns by surfacing domain specific insight. C-Suite-Needs: optimise vendor spend, Capture IP (digital DNA), survive.


KiteEdge is developing Apex, a next generation search platform, that consumes all text-based information (news, emails, internal documents etc.), including financial research produced by independent researchers and financial institutes. The platform draws upon an industry Ontology (domain specific structure created to help understand a landscape of content) to guide/prompt user interactions to ensure the creation of queries that take individuals to specific document subsections. Benefits include: significant productivity gains, simplified MiFID-II compliance & associated consumption metrics, improved vendor evaluation capabilities, and critically, the ability to discover the complex relationships that drive insight formation/client returns.



The ability to super-impose individual investment processes onto a custom search mechanism is transformational. It enables firms and individuals: to better interrogate their total corpus of IP; and to seamlessly share workflows & human capital across geographies, silos, and asset classes. This technology also empowers managers to better demonstrate to clients and regulators that they are maximising ROI on research and human capital; and provides a new narrative for active managers to articulate their value proposition.


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