Infinite Alpha

Infinite Alpha provides professional investors with a new way of generating alpha using our AI-powered crypto-asset trading and custody.


There is currently no safe and transparent solution allowing the asset management industry to generate crypto alpha. Retail trading platforms exist, but are not suitable for the institutional investor due to transparency, liquidity and lack of user-centric functionality. Custody solutions exist, but are slow. No fully integrated front to back office solutions.


Infinite Alpha empowers the asset management industry to create new alpha opportunities in the crypto-assets space. It does this through three core pillars:

  • A global exchange venue that creates true crypto market depth for Asset Managers to execute, transparently, in the size they need.
  • A Cloud-based, institutional-grade custody platform that is fast, secure and fully flexible.
  • AI that creates “Best Execution” trading, manages risk and asset liquidity, and trading anti-fraud technology.



Infinite Alpha enables firms to participate in the crypto-asset markets in a secure and transparent manner.


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