Simplify, execute and accelerate private deals. HUBX helps advisors close more deals and drive higher revenues by providing intelligent solutions from a single white-label platform.


Private Capital Markets are experiencing exceptional growth. New and emerging forces are driving unprecedented changes to the market structure: advisors are facing increased regulation, competition and new entrants, leading to dramatic shifts in their revenue mix. While they need to be more effective than ever before, most advisors still rely on outdated tools to manage private deals; emails, spreadsheets, slides, documents and PDFs – all disconnected. Even the most tech-enabled advisors, using CRMs, project management tools and deal rooms, suffer loss of data from one application to the other, and have limited insights due to the lack of integration between these tools. Building out the HUBX vision, our team recognised the huge opportunities available in the private markets for Asset Managers, but acknowledged the current difficulties associated with achieving these. As a result, we have formed the INDX fund, which will follow a passive investment strategy, allowing institutional investors to gain diversified exposure to private equity assets, and to benefit from lower management fees and carry related costs.


HUBX builds private, white-label platforms for advisors to: – Simplify their marketing process, boosting insights and enabling better collaboration between teams – Execute deals intelligently, by understanding investors’ needs in real-time thanks to AI-enabled insights – Accelerate growth, by enabling them to source new deal flow and accessing capital beyond their existing network



HUBX has built a proprietary matching algorithm, combining multiple data sources to uncover connections. Even for a handful of investors, keeping up to date investor insights can be incredibly time-consuming. Our technology handles the heavy lifting for the advisor, aggregating relevant data from both public and private sources dynamically. Armed with this information, advisors immediately identify the most relevant investors for their deals and add tremendous value to their client relationships. At HUBX, we believe that the way we collect and present data will transform how advisors run their business. By keeping all platforms private yet interconnected, HUBX will ultimately make the private markets more efficient. Furthermore, through INDX, Institutional Investors and AMs can employ a passive investment strategy to satisfy their appetite for investments in private, high-growth companies, whilst avoiding the majority of the costs typically associated with actively managed funds.



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