Goji Investments

Specialist Direct Lending Investment Manager and Platform.


Savers’ and investors’ wealth is being eroded and planning for the future is more difficult because market volatility and uncertainty is high. Deposit accounts are yielding less than 1%, which is nowhere near the rate of inflation, which is currently at 2.7%. This means savers’ need to think differently about how to generate inflation-beating returns. Whilst investors would usually rely on investment markets, with investment, comes risk and market volatility may be a step too far for many people, so what other options are there?


Globally, Direct Lending is the fastest-growing asset class of 2017. Most of that is institutional money or direct investors using P2P platforms. There are relatively few retail funds that enable intermediaries and investors to access the sector. Goji is an Investment Manager and Platform that does just that. Goji (Investment Management) is opening up Direct Lending by providing retail suitable, FCA-regulated investment products whilst Goji (Platform) also licenses our technology to third party investment managers so they can offer their own products; investors and intermediaries can diversify their portfolios and make a real impact on society by financing SMEs in the UK economy.



Goji’s Platform provides a a traditional ‘wrap’ platform service to investment and product providers, but in a new, private (non-tradeable) asset class.  We enable asset managers to get their products to market quickly, efficiently and in a compliant manner, whilst our platform provides wealth intermediaries with the transaction execution, tax wrappers (ISA and Pension), custody and compliance and administration they need to support great client service. We also integrate into intermediaries’ back office systems to make their life even easier. We currently have almost £100m on our platform on behalf of 25 asset managers and over 8,000 investor accounts.


If you’re an intermediary who’s interested in hearing more about the asset class and how Goji can help, simply email adviser@goji.investments. If you’re an asset manager or credit firm who’s interested in finding out how ISA or Pension money can meet and diversify your funding needs please email our CEO, Jake Wombwell-Povey: jake@goji.investments