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Decision making made easy: we are an enterprise ready intelligence and workflow platform, harnessing human experience and enhancing it with technology.


Financial institutions… still struggle to extract meaningful information and use it for good business decisions. By some estimates, businesses use only 0.5% of the available data. To turn data into insights, firms must overcome data stuck in silos, incompatible formats, and more.” PWC – Data & Analytics in Financial Services, 2018


Our multi talented team is creating a break through intelligence product for financial institutions, wealth management and retail markets. We are changing the industry by turning rich silos of data into a single joined up ecosystem: utilising AI, infographics, advanced analytics and chatbot technology. We lever relationships in data, enable informed decisions, improve profitability and democratise markets intelligence.



Professor Philip Tetlow PhD, CEng, FIET – IBM, CTO Data Systems, Europe & Academy of Technology Vice President (Emerging Technology) says: Daryl and his team are building a strongly differentiating, high quality product that is destined to add real value at enterprise level. I am truly proud of all they have achieved and know they can only go from strength the strength.



We are happy for interested respondents to contact Daryl ( or Mark ( directly. They are welcome to use our website to make contact. We are very happy to provide further details or to demonstrate.