ForwardLane is an AI-driven Insights Engine enabling Relationship Managers and Wealth Managers to build stronger relationships and expand their bandwidth by increasing the relevancy of their client engagements.


Experienced, high-performing financial professionals are all facing the same challenge: margin compression and fee reductions coupled with clients who expect bespoke, personalized service. The problem is that advisors spend less than 50% of each day on their clients. Professionals struggle to analyze large amounts of information and understand what is most relevant to clients. Information overload often means they don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing who and what to focus on and barely manage to touch base with the top 20% of their clients, let alone their full book.


To maximise productivity, organisations are turning to machines and AI solutions to help unlock efficiencies and profitability. ForwardLane’s product surfaces news and research that is personalised and highly relevant for clients. By analysing and understanding a client’s interests, transactions and holdings, the platform can provide contextual content recommendations, along with reasoning, aggregated from a variety of sources. Our tool can help you to build and nurture your client relationships by enabling you to incorporate more data into your engagements, augment your ability to find relevant, differentiate content based on client profiles and provide key insights related to individual investment strategies.



Financial institutions are experiencing rapid change. Exponential growth of available data and its dispersion is causing the products and services offered by these institutions to become increasingly market-driven. Robo-advisors and the explosion of passively managed funds, have forced Relationship Managers to re-prove their worth, and put significant pressure on margins. Relationships, trust and loyalty often become secondary to short-term wins for clients, and managers find it difficult to provide differentiating service levels for large numbers of clients. We’ve entered a period of transformation for financial professionals and identifying smart ways to continue maximising core competencies is crucial to successful adaptation.



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