Ffyn, the network for the Fund industry – compliant and dedicated to investment professionals


Institutional Investors & Financial Institutions miss tailored, easy to understand and up-to-date, qualitative information on the funds they invest in.


Asset Managers send them information which are not relevant which means they are not really connected with their investments and they lose time looking for the information they really need. · Asset Managers waste time doing repetitive tasks when communicating about their funds, they don’t anticipate clients’ needs and fail in differentiating themselves.


Unlike other alternatives Ffyn helps Professional Investors to understand better their investment:

  • We track automatically & daily qualitative and quantitative funds information
  • Grouping them in a central place
  • We connect them directly with the right contact in the AM team, at the right time while protecting themselves from spam & marketing material.


Ffyn helps Asset Managers to discover straight away when their funds are uploaded in a buy or a watch list and therefore provide an ideal relationship management tool to interact with Institutional Investors.


Our vision is to digitalise and automatise groundwork & repetitive tasks in asset management to drive better returns. Only when Investors are more committed to their investments, it will enable longer terms and more sustainable approaches



  • Asset Managers will be empowered to deliverer a better customer service and anticipate Investors’ needs. Therefore they will be able to increase revenues for the personalised, relevant service as well as differentiate themselves.
  • Investors expect Asset Managers to use digital tools of the same quality than in their personal life


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