Award winning global regulatory intelligence platform helps firms horizon scan, keep up to date with regulatory thinking, save time, money and reduce risk.


Keeping up with regulatory change and identifying what regulators are interested in is difficult. Proving that active steps are being taken to improve conduct and culture in a firm has never been more important, but it is also not easy. There is a lack of coherence and transparency around regulatory activity globally and a failure by firms to share best practice.


Our global regulatory intelligence platform helps firms horizon scan and keep up to date with regulatory thinking. High quality insight, augmented with news and statistics and supported by deep dive misconduct analysis, helps firms identify, manage and mitigate conduct risk and provides actionable insight. It enables users to provide the regulators with direct evidence that staff are taking notice of regulator views and keep up to date with regulatory developments across the world. The platform brings a variety of complementary information together and analyses it, using a mixture of algorithmic techniques, with the ‘human in the loop’, to make required action clear and to enable meaningful analysis of the regulatory agenda.



  • Enables senior managers to evidence they take personal accountability seriously, by taking notice of and sharing real time, high quality independent information from 18 global financial centres.
  • Frees up the time of compliance staff, by replacing the need for manual alerts and newsletters, so they can focus on more value-added work.
  • Provides assurance that key regulatory mood music is being listened to, and that nothing is being missed.
  • Enables all staff to take individual responsibility for some of their development needs, using both the platform and the app.


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