Droit Financial Technologies

Droit: The Operating System for Regulation.


Banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and execution venues live in a world of transactions.
Each transaction carries its own level of complexity and requires the ability to make decisions that are compliant with thousands of global regulations that are constantly changing.


Droit Adept transforms regulatory decision-making into a simple, intelligent, repeatable and entirely automated act.

Sample decisions automated by the Droit Adept platform:

  • Can I trade with this counterparty?
  • Do I need to publicize the quote?
  • Do I need to execute on a regulated venue?
  • Do I need to clear this trade?
  • What are the initial margin / collateral implications?
  • Do I need to report the trade to regulators? Which ones?


  • Delivers real-time answers that integrate into your organization’s trading and operations infrastructure
  • Creates best-in-class audit capabilities by fully visualizing decision paths on every inquiry all the way to clearly annotated, digitized regulatory texts
  • Provides live monitoring across all sources of regulatory and related market microstructure change, delivering updates that keep you current and compliant, always
  • Works seamlessly with your existing internal policies
  • Represents industry consensus across G20 regulatory regimes



Given the extent and complexity of global regulations, transactional compliance requires the knowledge, maintenance and automation of highly complex global rule systems. Such compliance cannot be achieved with manual processes and tactical/fragmented solutions.


Droit represents a step change: Contact us to arrange a demonstration.