Digital Capital Research

Digital Capital Research advises companies on Blockchain strategy, helping them prepare for the next horizon in network technology. 


The internet decentralised communication, transforming the way society works and continually changing the way we interact with one another. Twenty years after ‘the web’ was created, we are still finding new ways to do business and challenge existing economic models. Blockchain is a new foundational technology that will once again redefine the way global social networks interacts by decentralising value exchange.


Digital Capital Research is working on creating the infrastructure required for a fully ‘end-to-end’ digital fund. Built on a private blockchain solution, investors will gain to access to investment funds which operate on a reliable, low-cost, transparent apparatus. All stakeholders will see a significant step up in tracking and reporting and cost-savings can be passed on to investors.



Financials services will be the first to experience disruption from Blockchain technology since the industry is entirely built on trust intermediation and value transfer. The transition to trustless networks, however, will be long and iterative. On this path, stakeholders will need education, advice and technology.


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