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Improve and streamline your research evaluation process


MiFID II rules require asset managers to account for their research budgets in a comprehensive and transparent way. To do so, asset managers must have a robust way of evaluating their research providers so they can pay them accordingly. Existing evaluation frameworks are inadequate: to begin with, asset managers currently have no way of tracking their own research consumption activities, and must rely on their providers for this data. Second, the data they receive is low quality and purely quantitative in nature. And finally, the data is typically delivered at quarter-end and is therefore not timely.


Our solution allows asset managers to collect their own proprietary, high-quality research consumption data in real time so that they can more comprehensively evaluate their research relationships on a ongoing basis. We do this by allowing asset managers to centralise all of their research consumption touchpoints in their own private research portal, and by integrating a powerful business intelligence tool that transforms the raw data into valuable, real-time insights.



MiFID II has made research evaluation a core business and operational requirement for asset managers. Existing market tools for research evaluation still rely on outdated workflows and outdated technologies, and we believe the market is ripe for a new and innovative approach. Our solution seeks to use technology to transform the research evaluation process from an inefficient, end-of-quarter scramble to a streamlined, real-time discipline.


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