ClauseMatch is a next-gen platform that enables organisations to automate how they adapt their enterprise risk and controls framework in response to regulatory change.


After a decade focusing on regulations targeting banks, financial regulators are turning their attention to other parts of the financial services industry.


As seen with banks, the standard approach is increased and detailed regulations, and to ensure compliance through various fines that have not only a financial, but also reputational impact on the affected organisations.


The buyside will face increased regulatory scrutiny, and the challenge is to remain competitive, compliant, and profitable. Regulations such as the Senior Managers Regime requires not only clearly defined roles and responsibilities for company directors and senior staff, but also better enterprise governance and control.


The challenge lies in how to deal effectively with new regulations without having to add more manual work, staying compliant across the organisation, and avoid ending up with potentially bloated compliance and operational risk departments.


The core focus of regulations currently being enforced on the sector, is about “investor protection”, ensuring asset managers are offering “appropriate” products and services to “appropriate target market”. To comply with this, asset managers will have to ensure policies and procedures are updated and understood across the organisation, and adhering to a strict protocol when advertising services to clients.


ClauseMatch enables clients to ensure immediate impact assessment across their risk and governance frameworks, from regulations, via policies and procedures, to related risks and controls.


With ClauseMatch, asset managers can instantly identify which products, people, business units, geographies, policies, risks and controls are affected by a regulatory change.


The platform ensures internal risk framework documentation is managed in a structured fashion, which also connects the components of this framework together across documents, but can also link with regulatory obligations as well as downstream risks and controls.



With constantly growing regulatory demands on compliance, there is an essential requirement to manage regulatory change and implementation, but few, if any have managed to produce an all-encompassing end-to-end solution to streamline complex workflows, saving time and resources, removing human errors, uncovering hidden risks and providing a better insight for senior management.


Working on efficiencies in operational risk and compliance, just as asset managers are looking for efficient utilisation in their investment activities, can yield big results. Not only would operational efficiency reduce the need for ever-increasing back office functions, but also ensure better agility around necessary adjustments needed in a fast-changing world.


Connecting the operational dots across your risk framework, your internal rule book, will ensure better control, oversight and governance, unrivalled transparency, agility and ultimately competitiveness.


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