Calimere Point Risk Advisory

Inconsistent and misaligned granular data transformed by a data analytics platform that has been designed and developed by financial markets practitioners. 


Getting value from data, right here, right now. Repeatable, secure, efficient and effective. Quickly responding to rapidly changing requirements. Business focused.


Data analytics platform designed; developed and implemented by financial services practitioners to get deep into the data. The analytics developed has an unrivalled track record of delivering tangible, quantifiable business benefits – driving revenue growth and cost reduction across organisations.

CPRA ADV – Automated data visualisation solution

  • Automation of manual reporting processes
  • Repeatable cleansing, normalisation and calculation
  • Secure and dynamic dashboarding solutions

CPRA SingleView – Powerful algorithmic solution that implements master data alignment

  • Algorithmic approaches to align and tag key data attributes
  • Allows standardisation to a single view of client, asset and product data
  • Forms the cornerstone of a powerful client and portfolio analytics offering



Data has significant value but may remain untapped where related data sits on different systems and is configured in different ways. Business leaders understand its potential but often lack the tools to exploit it. Our tools allow business leaders and the technology professionals who support them to maximise value from data.


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