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BTON Financial – Automated outsourced dealing desk for asset managers.


  1. MiFID II – Article 27 (1) / Best execution – the obligation on firms to: “Take all sufficient steps to obtain… the best possible result for their clients taking into account price, costs, speed, likelihood of execution and settlement, size, nature or any other consideration relevant to execution”. One could argue that the cost of maintaining a dealing desk should be included in these costs.
  2. Automation of the markets. Being able to maximise electronic trading ability is now crucial post-MiFID II. It is also clear that MiFID II means smaller asset managers must evolve to compete with their larger peers.


Automated outsourced dealing desk for asset managers
A Smart Broker Router

  1. Independent – Unbiased pursuit of best-ex. We will take on management of your existing broker relationships acting as an agent on your behalf.
  2. Confidential – Automation equates to less information leakage and a very clear audit trail.
  3. Relationships – Relationships are not our selling point. Best execution is our mandate.
  4. Subscription pricing – Our SaaS pricing model provides an easy comparison with the fixed cost of your current dealing desk.
  5. Data – Economies of scale can reduce your brokerage costs but also provide far richer data to enable superior execution.



BTON – SaaS Outsourced Dealing Desk The future of trading is unquestionably, tech and data driven. Pass us the responsibilities of your dealing desk & automate the dissemination of orders from portfolio manager to bank/broker to achieve the best price possible for the end investor. The economies of scale attained by using this service will dramatically cut the costs of your dealing desk, increase negotiating power to reduce brokerage rates paid and also increase access to better prices to trade against. Benefiting the end investor, the asset manager, and for complete adherence to MiFID II in the pursuit of best execution.


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