A digital bond issuance platform that uses technology to replace the antiquated systems & processes currently embedded in debt capital markets to significantly lower costs for all, improve asset sourcing for investors, and improve fundraising abilities for issuers.


Borrowers and investors rely on middlemen to raise, manage, and administer financing. The estimated cost of this use is 2% of all AUM annually. In the bond market alone, underwriting fees total nearly $20 billion globally.

Existing bond arrangers – weighed down by old, inefficient, and expensive processes – are incentivised to focus on large transactions and are unable to provide a tailored service to their clients.

This leaves investors with a limited array of high quality fixed income bonds to invest in. Similarly corporate debt issuers are limited in their flexibility to issue according to their business needs.


A digital platform that matches corporate debt issuers directly to institutional investors and further provides counterparties the ability to directly negotiate deal terms. Second, Bond180 provides a digital bond issuance service to create and distribute bonds.



Investors face considerable global headwinds such as low interest rates, limited supply of high-quality bonds, and, in the case of pensions, increasing deficits projected to exceed $225T by 2050. Bond180’s mission is to help build more robust financial markets whilst passing on the benefits of cost savings and efficiency to investors and borrowers alike.



For more information visit Please contact us directly for a platform demonstration and to begin the client on-boarding process. We look forward to developing relationships with investment businesses and debt issuers.