Blue Fire AI

Blue Fire AI generate intelligent insights for asset managers – helping them reduce unit cost and increase accuracy in asset selection, monitoring and rebalancing


Investors and risk managers face a vast and rising sea of information – from multiple sources – and human capital cannot scale quickly enough or at the right cost to stay on top of it. On top of this, changes such as MIFID II and reduced, fragmented sell side coverage are leading to greater inefficiency in the flow of information. There is an acute need for intelligence – whether in asset selection, monitoring or re-balancing.


We provide intelligent outputs that allow asset managers to operate at greater scale, lower cost, and higher accuracy – specifically in two areas: 1) Risk – We help asset managers avoid critical negative events in the portfolio by identifying early signs of corporate risk. 2) China – We help offshore investors access the A-Share market with confidence, using world-leading capability in unstructured Mandarin machine-reading to offset the asymmetry of information and mitigate risk in China stock holdings.



As a company, we combine both cutting-edge technology and capital markets experience. Our products are designed by those who understand the problem. In addition to this: We look at companies in a fully comprehensive way – we combine intelligent machine reading / unstructured data with traditional financial analytics, behavioural analytics and hedge-fund grade market analytics giving a truer and more powerful assessment of risk. In China, we have world-leading technology and a deep catalogue of proprietary R&D resulting in unique signals and insights that cannot be obtained anywhere else.



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