AlgoMe connects the Investment Management industry and empowers professionals to manage their careers.


Investment Management faces major challenges and opportunities from forces such as digital technology, pressure on fees and increased regulation, while at the same time there are widespread changes in the workforce and their expectations.

To drive change and innovation, the industry needs to connect across different disciplines and areas of expertise, driving new ways of thinking and fostering cultural change.

These challenges mean that both individuals and companies are looking for new and different skillsets. However individuals are unable to find the resources they need to adapt. In addition, companies are looking for better ways of engaging with a talent pool which is growing more diverse and dynamic.


AlgoMe connects the Investment Management industry, including the Asset Managers, FinTechs, consultants and vendors that make up the industry’s wider ecosystem, through its Community and Careers platforms.

AlgoMe Community brings professionals and companies together, letting members discuss topics facing the industry, expand their networks, and read thought provoking insights. This is helping to drive the collaboration and innovation reshaping the industry, and providing a platform for existing investment communities to connect with each other.

To meet the challenges of changing career paths and expectations, AlgoMe Careers uses algorithms and other technologies to connect professionals to job and mentoring opportunities, and companies to the best talent, avoiding intermediaries and reducing cost and delays.



AlgoMe aims to be the ‘go-to’ place for companies and professionals in Investment Management to find each other and the answers to the challenges the industry faces. Through the use of technology and algorithms, we are driving change in the way the sector communicates and are providing our community with cutting-edge tools to manage and develop their careers.


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