Start Digital Wealth Management… it’s easy from now on


Investment and savings customers are looking for much simpler and appealing ways to invest. The market share by highly supported technology will gain further importance. Why? Because the customer can really delegate responsibility for his investment account in a highly regulated and therefore standardized way.

Therefore the industry requests proven, regulatory conform & scalable technology to win the race in a challenging environment. Although the need for IT driven institutions is a technology that guarantees the highest degree of adaptability and performance. The functionality and performance must be delivered in a way that can be integrated in every existing architecture.


Our highly flexible solution is designed to serve as backend of multiple concepts of digital wealth management. In differentiation to white-labeling a robo advisor, our solution is capable of handling different ideas and approaches of asset management and customer experience. The technology guarantees the highest degree of system adaptability and performance.

The predefined business processes can be used to adapt or create new processes using standard open source technology resulting in faster implementation and low risks. And it can be integrated in modern UX using AI based interfaces like voice recognition or chatbots to connect the customer with his account.



aixigo’s new re-developped digital financial portfolio management infrastructure is based on our well-established portfolio management platform. First implementations of digital financial portfolio management have been delivered to financial institutions in the german speaking EU and are online. As we demonstrated different use-cases during dedicated events in London since 2017 we are now receiving good attention from the UK investment industry. We currently push that solution even further and are on track with our running implementation projects.


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